4 Tips For Establishing An Effective Home Cleaning Routine


Weekends should be for recharging, not catching up on work you did not attend to during the week. Nevertheless, there remains an essential task you dread but nonetheless must complete – your household chores. After all, maintaining a clean and organised living space is pivotal for your physical and mental well-being


However, establishing an effective home cleaning routine can often be challenging, especially if you feel tired and overwhelmed from a busy work week. Let BioCair Singapore aid you in navigating the realm of home cleanliness by sharing four essential pointers that can help keep your home clean and germ-free, ensuring you and your loved ones stay safe.


Tip #1: Devise a cleaning strategy


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Careful planning is the cornerstone of an efficient home cleaning routine. So, before diving into the cleaning frenzy, take a moment to devise a cleaning strategy, outlining what requires your attention in each room. By establishing a clear roadmap for your cleaning journey, you can save time and ensure no corner is left untouched. Prepare the essential cleaning tools, from the mop to the disinfectant spray, beforehand. The last thing you want is to waste time searching for a specific tool mid-cleaning.


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Tip #2: Clear the clutter


A messy home not only mars the aesthetics. It can also impede your cleaning process. Imagine having to shift several objects out of the way to disinfect an area, wasting precious time. So before you start cleaning, dedicate some time to decluttering surfaces, shelves, and drawers. Go room to room to see if anything requires organising.


Embrace the “less is more” philosophy by assessing your belongings and parting ways with items that no longer serve a purpose. While this approach sounds time-consuming, you will be glad you made the initial effort. Creating a clutter-free home environment makes every subsequent cleaning session easier, as there is minimal clutter in your way.


Tip #3: Disinfect common germ breeding grounds


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While many homeowners understand the need to clean and disinfect prominent germ hotspots like the kitchen surface and the toilet bowl, they often overlook other high-touch areas requiring attention, including the doorknob, remote control, and light switches.


These surfaces can be a hotspot for the spread of disease-causing micro-organisms. Therefore, you need to maintain a consistent regimen of wiping down these areas with an effective disinfectant spray specially designed to eliminate germs.


Choosing the right disinfectant for your home is crucial, especially if you have young children. Make sure to look for a product that has been evaluated and proven to be safe for its intended use. Read the label carefully to understand its properties and look out for any warning symbols or precautions.


Choosing an effective and non-toxic disinfectant that won’t harm your children is essential. BioCair’s disinfectant sprays are specifically tested to be alcohol-free and contain no toxic substances, making them the perfect choice for a child-friendly home.

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Tip #4: Do not forget to disinfect the air


Cleanliness extends beyond the visible surfaces. It includes safeguarding against germs and bacteria lurking in the air, which can reduce indoor air quality, impacting the health and well-being of your family. Other contaminants like allergens, dust, and pollutants can also provide a breeding ground for airborne germs. Over time, these unseen dangers can lead to allergies and respiratory problems.


Beyond ensuring your living space is well-ventilated, you should consider using BioCair Singapore’s all-in-one disinfection machine that offers dual functions to keep your home safe from harmful bacteria and germs, easily combatting airborne and surface pathogens. 


You can achieve healthier, germ-free air by pairing the BioCair air disinfection machine with the Air Purifying Solution. Once turned on, the air disinfection machine releases a dry-mist disinfectant that eliminates airborne germs, as well as surface germs and bacteria on contact with nearby surfaces.


You can also enhance the effectiveness of your cleaning routine further by using an air purifier beforehand to filter out dust and soot, transforming your space into a cleaner and germ-free haven with ease.


A clean home is more than a visual delight; it is a sanctuary that nurtures both body and mind. Remembering the above tips, you can establish an effective home cleaning routine and maintain a safe, immaculate abode. Remember, each effort you invest amplifies the quality of your living space and contributes to your and your family’s overall health and well-being.


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