Are Your Children’s Dirty Toys Making Them Sick?


Your child is sick, again. If your little one is constantly battling a nasty cough or sneezing up a storm, their favourite playthings could very likely be the culprit. Bacteria and viruses can stay infectious for several hours to days on various surfaces, including kids’ toys. In fact, germs tend to live longer on hard surfaces such as plastic and stainless steel – think a set of Legos, cookware play toys or board game surfaces. Children who come into contact with contaminated toys and play area surfaces when they are not properly disinfected could be posed to a serious health risk.


Children are two to three times more likely to get sick than adults as their immune systems have yet to be fully developed. This makes it easy for them to get exposed to germs when they touch or put objects into their mouths, especially if a child has sneezed or coughed on it a few moments before. Toys are a particularly good harbouring ground for germs as they are often used multiple times a day, and shared with others in homes and childcare centres. Thus, it’s important to keep your children’s toys clean and disinfected to prevent the spread of germs. Here are some simple tips to rid these sickening, uninvited guests:


#1 Wash hands frequently

Good hand hygiene is key. It’s one of the most straightforward and effective ways of preventing germs from spreading from one person to another. Be sure to remind your child (and their playmates) to wash their hands before and after every play activity, so they will be less likely to pass a bug to other kids. Make sure to use warm water with soap and scrub thoroughly for at least 20 seconds; that’s about as long as saying the alphabet once or singing the happy birthday song twice. Then, rinse well and dry with a paper towel – and let the fun begin.


#2 Clean and disinfect toys

It might be a good time to relook at your cleaning routine at home. Maintaining a safe and clean environment for your children is crucial to their health, so it’s important to clean and disinfect toys regularly. Toys that your child plays with frequently should always be cleaned with soap and water regularly, and anything that has been contaminated by a sneeze, cough, or placed into the mouth needs to be disinfected immediately.


Tip: Be mindful of using a child-safe disinfectant product, like the BioCair Disinfectant Spray, to protect your child against unwanted toxic exposure. A quick spray can easily disinfect in 60 seconds. Make sure that the product does not contain any harmful chemicals, and does not leave any residue so you don’t have to worry even if your child accidentally inhales or ingests it.


#3 Disinfect other common high-touch surfaces

Don’t forget to disinfect other common surfaces and objects in your home that your active child comes into frequent contact with, even if they are not visibly dirty. This includes playmats, baby cribs, potty chairs, as well as door handles, kitchen countertops, electronic devices etc. You can also use the BioCair Disinfectant Spray to disinfect tables and desks before and after meal times to minimise any risk of cross-contamination – no rinsing or wiping off is needed after use.

#4 Keep the BioCair Disinfectant Spray handy when outdoors

The outside world is filled with germs – the playgrounds, ball pits and other enclosed play areas are some of the dirtiest areas , and can put your child  at a higher risk for infections since these equipment aren’t cleaned often. If you’re heading out with your kids, always bring along the BioCair Disinfectant Spray to disinfect objects and public surfaces before use. This fast-acting disinfectant can quickly eliminate surface germs in just 60 seconds, so you can simply use it in a pinch when you’re on the go.


#5 Make a plan to disinfect regularly

We encourage parents to make disinfection a regular part of their lives. With the right product like BioCair, it only takes minimal time and effort to thoroughly clean and disinfect your children’s toys.  Doing so regularly will help to keep you and your loved ones protected against everyday germs. This will also provide you with greater peace of mind while your little ones learn and play in a safe, disinfected and germ-free space.


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