Back to School: Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe From Germs


As your child returns to school, there are many things to worry about as a parent – from ensuring that your child has all the school supplies they need to their well-being adjusting to the new school routine. There are also concerns for your child’s health — being exposed to germs, unknowingly bringing them home, and eventually falling sick during their first week in school.

Germs are bound to breed when children gather in the same place for prolonged periods. Hence, it is essential to take germ defence seriously, giving your child the best chance at fighting off bacteria lurking at school. Here are some germ-fighting tips from BioCair Singapore to keep your child well-protected.


1. Disinfect While You Drive Home 


Cars are often subjected to many contaminants daily. Your car’s interior can be dirtier than an average toilet seat. A published study found that more than 700 bacteria strains live on soft and hard surfaces inside a typical vehicle.


After you pick up your child from school and while driving home, consider using BioCair’s Ultimate Automobile Dry-Mist Disinfection Machine in your car to disinfect any germs. The disinfection machine generates a dry mist that is lightweight enough to stay suspended in the air. It eliminates airborne pathogens and eventually settles onto nearby surfaces to kill off lingering germs within the car. 


The dry mist contains no toxins, and it’s been proven safe for inhalation. Consider disinfection done while driving home! 


2. Wash Your Hands Immediately Upon Returning Home 


Wash Your Hands Immediately Upon Returning Home


It may sound simple, but the best way to prevent the spread of germs is by washing your hands. After all, your hands come in contact with doorknobs, faucets, and other common surfaces most susceptible to germs. 


Young children have more difficulty complying with proper hand-washing routines. Therefore it is crucial to teach them the proper hand-washing procedure. Emphasise the importance of washing their hands – particularly before meals, after visiting the bathroom, and after returning home from school.


3. Disinfect Your Child’s Belongings After They Come Home From School 


Disinfect Your Child’s Belongings After They Come Home From School


Washing your hands immediately after returning home may be a priority, but don’t neglect other breeding havens, such as backpacks and school supplies, which possibly harbour germs and bacteria. Use BioCair’s disinfectant spray to disinfect your child’s belongings after school.  


The antibacterial spray is non-toxic, child-safe and alcohol-free, suitable for daily surface disinfection – you will have no worries of toxic poisoning from accidental ingestion or skin irritation. Alternatively, use BioCair’s BioActive Anti-HFMD Pocket Spray to eliminate the infectious HFMD viruses if your child is at high risk of exposure to the disease. Both alcohol-free disinfectant sprays leave no residue, so no worry about rinsing or wipe-down after using!


4. Disinfect the Air in Your Child’s Bedroom 


Disinfect the Air in Your Child’s


While germs are commonly found on surfaces and objects, you shouldn’t be surprised to find germs in the air, as germs are everywhere! Regular house cleaning may not be sufficient to eliminate the germs, but disinfection does. 


Disinfecting the air is hassle-free when you use BioCair’s air disinfection machine. Use the machine to disinfect your child’s bedroom for an hour before bedtime. This will ensure the level of airborne germs in the room is kept to a minimum, aiding the body to recuperate as your child sleeps in a germ-free environment. 


Young children are at higher risk for health complications – protect your child and lower their risk of falling ill by following these simple germ-fighting tips. Choose BioCair Singapore for a child-safe and fuss-free disinfection solution.


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