Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Disinfecting Your Car


Did you know that your car can be germier than an average toilet seat? For those of you who are always behind the wheel – whether you’re commuting to work or driving your child to school – you’d be surprised at just how germs-ridden the interior of your vehicle is. Small, enclosed spaces like cars are a major breeding ground for bacteria growth, which poses a significantly greater risk of cross-infection.


As much as we clean the outside with frequent car washes, we should also make an effort to keep the inside of the car clean. This is why it’s important to disinfect your vehicle regularly to keep yourself and others safe on the road. Don’t give these germs a free ride – keep on reading to learn tips on how you can maintain a healthy environment in your car.


How germs are transmitted in the car


With family members traveling in and out daily, it’s almost impossible to avoid carrying germs into the vehicle with frequent use. In fact, any surface that you come into contact with can be a potential source of contamination. Remember the time when you ate in the car and forgot to clean up after crumbs? Or when your kids made a mess at the back after a muddy playdate? While these everyday activities may sound harmless, such actions can result in a build-up of everyday bacteria in your automotive interior.


Besides the common surface touch points like the door handle, key fob and steering wheel, germs are also present in the air and can remain suspended over long distances and time – which increases your risk of exposure if you ride for long hours. In a typical family car, you can easily squeeze up to five people into that small inch of shared space, leaving no room for social distancing. So when an infected passenger coughs or sneezes in close proximity, airborne transmission is likely to occur due to the lack of airflow to disperse the particles, causing you to fall sick as a result.


How to stay protected on the go


It’s important to keep your vehicle disinfected at all times to keep the interior safe and germ-free for the whole family. It may sound like a tough job, but it’s your first line of defense against getting exposed to harmful germs. So what else can we do apart from vigorously wiping down surfaces?


If you have no time for a deep clean, consider an all-in-one aerial disinfection solution like the BioCair Automobile Disinfection Machine to keep nasty germs at bay. Suitable for use in cars and other automobiles, it’s capable of combating 99.999% of common surface and airborne germs to ensure that you’re hitting all the germiest spots – all while giving you healthier, toxin-free air that’s safe to breathe in.


Here’s how you can disinfect your car safely:


After getting into the car, turn on the ​​BioCair Ultimate Automobile Dry-Mist Disinfection Machine and keep it running for the entire duration of your journey. When used with the Disinfectant Air Purifying Solution, the machine generates a form of dry-mist disinfectant that can effectively eliminate airborne pathogens, before settling on nearby surfaces to get rid of any lingering germs within the car. This ensures that every nook and cranny, even the hard-to-reach areas, are all fully disinfected.


Unlike other disinfectants, we don’t use any harsh chemicals that leave toxic residue on your surfaces or produce harmful odours that may affect one’s health. Our products are made to be non-toxic and alcohol-free without leaving any toxic residue, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the surfaces of your car. It’s also tested to be safe for inhalation and ingestion, so you can use the machine even while traveling with kids.


For optimal results, we recommend using the machine whenever you’re in the car. Keep in mind that disinfection is not a one-time task; automotive disinfection should be carried out on an ongoing, day-to-day basis to maintain good hygiene levels. With regular disinfection, you never have to worry about the safety of you and your loved ones ever again.


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