What is BC-65? The Ultimate Non-Toxic Disinfectant for a Healthy & Safe Home


As parents, you always want to ensure a clean and safe home for your little ones. With germs and viruses lurking everywhere, it can be challenging to maintain a healthy environment. That’s where BioCair’s BC-65 comes in. BC-65, developed by BioCair Singapore, is an advanced technology that creates a disinfectant solution effectively eliminating 99.999% of airborne and surface bacteria, germs, fungus, and spores in just 60 seconds. This solution is known as BC-65 solution, a game-changer in home disinfection. Here’s everything you need to know about BC-65 and how it keeps your home germ-free.


What is BC-65?

BC-65 is the result of groundbreaking research and technology by
BioCair Singapore, a leading name in disinfection. The developers at BioCair recognized the need for a disinfectant solution that could combat harmful microorganisms effectively, while also being safe for home use, especially around children. The BC-65 technology creates a disinfectant solution using 65 advanced ion-energising technologies. 

Drawing inspiration from the human immune system’s defence mechanisms, the BC-65 solution can penetrate the cell wall of germs, eliminating them effectively. The BC-65 disinfectant solution is tested and proven to be non-toxic, non-irritant, and alcohol-free, making it safe to use around babies, children, elderly and even pets.


Proven Efficiency: 99.999% Germ Elimination

The BC-65 solution undergoes
extensive testing to demonstrate its effectiveness. The results are impressive – this advanced disinfectant solution eliminates 99.999% of harmful microorganisms within a minute of contact. This level of efficiency sets BC-65 solution apart, making it one of the most reliable choices for families who prioritise a healthy and safe environment.


Safety First: Non-Toxic and Non-Irritant

Parents frequently have concerns about the safety of the products they bring home. BioCair’s BC-65 solution, however, provides peace of mind. It is specially formulated to be non-toxic and alcohol-free, ensuring the safety of your entire family, including babies and young children. It is also safe to use, even if accidentally inhaled or ingested. Additionally, the solution does not cause irritation to eyes and skin, making it suitable for sensitive skin. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and choose a disinfectant that’s both safe and effective.


BC-65 Solution: Air and Surface Disinfection


What is BC65 Visual 1

The BC-65 solution has two different formulations. One is for tackling airborne bacteria and viruses, while the other is for surface disinfection. The BC-65 Air Purifying Solution is used with a BioCair air disinfection machine to eliminate airborne germs. The lightweight dry-mist spreads through the air, getting rid of harmful airborne germs. For surface disinfection, the BC-65 solution in  BioCair’s surface disinfectant spray can be used on various objects and surfaces like pacifiers, toys, play mats, and countertops. It eliminates surface germs without leaving any harmful residue, so there’s no need for wiping down.


Being parents, our top priority is creating a safe and healthy environment for our children to grow and thrive. With BioCair Singapore‘s BC-65 solution, rest assured that you’re using a powerful disinfectant that effectively eliminates harmful bacteria, germs, fungus, and spores.  What’s even better is that it is safe for both your children and your home. Gain peace of mind by using the best product available to safeguard your family.


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