Can BioCair Protect Your Family From Viruses?


As a parent or caregiver of little ones, you don’t leave anything to chance regarding their health and safety. Unfortunately, young children’s low immunity means they are more vulnerable than adults – making everyone extra mindful about the germs surrounding them. BioCair is just what your family needs for an effective germ-fighting solution that won’t compromise on safety  – let’s take a deeper dive into how this product can give parents peace of mind keeping their little ones safe.


How Does BioCair Work?


BioCair Singapore has created an innovative defence against harmful bacteria and viruses with the BC-65 solution. Using ion-energising technology, this revolutionary product is based on how our human immune system protects us from invaders. The BC-65 solution provides a new line of defence to fight harmful bacteria and germs before they enter your body. It is a safe disinfectant that is free of any toxic chemicals or alcohol – perfect for battling germs found both in the air and on surfaces!



The BC-65 solution is paired up with a BioCair air disinfection machine which converts it into a lightweight dry-mist that floats through your home and effectively removes airborne germs – helping reduce exposure risks for you and your family from airborne illnesses like Influenza or Covid-19.


Is BioCair Effective Against Viruses?


Efficacy and safety are top priorities for BioCair. That’s why BioCair products go through stringent internal controls and are tested by respected third-party laboratories in Singapore and UK, including TUV SUD & SGS. This rigorous process has proven BioCair to be highly effective against viruses such as E.Coli, HFMD virus as well as Covid-19 virus; giving you and your family ultimate peace of mind when using BioCair non-toxic disinfectants.

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With BioCair, you can rest at ease knowing your family is safe and protected from harmful viruses that cause airborne illnesses like HFMD and Influenza. Not only have our products been tested to be non-toxic, alcohol free & child friendly – but with 99.999% of surface and airborne pathogens eliminated within just 60 seconds after contact – think ahead by investing in a BioCair air disinfection machine today!


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