How To Protect Your Child From HFMD


As we all know, hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is highly contagious. It’s one of the most common viral diseases among young children, and has seen widespread outbreaks across the country all year round.


HFMD is caused by a large family of viruses known as Enteroviruses, with Coxsackievirus and Enterovirus being the two most common agents. This also means that when an individual is infected with HFMD, they will most likely develop immunity towards that specific strain of virus that caused the current infection. Despite making a full recovery, it’s still possible to catch a different strain in the future.


Without any vaccine to prevent the spread of HFMD, it’s all the more crucial to take preventive actions to avoid getting ill. Here are some tips to ensure that your child stays healthy and HFMD-free!


1. Always stay vigilant


HFMD can affect both the young and old, so parents should always stay vigilant and take extra precautions at all times. Keep an eye out for symptoms that tend to arise within the first few days, including fever, sore throat and fatigue, before the appearance of sores and blisters. These are the initial telltale signs that often go unnoticed, but recognising the symptoms early can help you take the right steps to recover quickly – and protect family members in the same household from getting infected.


Although the symptoms are mild and can generally resolve on their own within a week, there are rare instances where kids can develop serious complications involving the brains, lungs and heart. If your child has HFMD, it’s best to give your doctor a visit to figure out an effective treatment plan. While there’s no specific treatment for HFMD, your doctor will be able to prescribe medication to ease the symptoms if the condition appears mild. During this period, it’s also important to stay hydrated and get ample rest to aid in faster recovery.


2. Step up your hygiene game


HFMD is usually spread through direct person-to-person contact, so it’s important to practice good hand hygiene. Simply washing your hands has become a vital routine to minimise the spread of germs, especially after playing with toys or using the bathroom.


According to HealthHub, we should wash our hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, following this simple 8-step procedure. Tip: If you don’t have a timer, you can make things fun for the kids by getting them to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice while washing their hands.


Besides regular handwashing, it’s also a good idea to keep the BioActive Anti-HFMD Pocket Spray handy to protect against HFMD germs during outdoor activities. Safe to be used around children, it’s formulated to kill 99.999% of HFMD-causing pathogens within 60 seconds of contact. It’s also proven to be safe for ingestion and inhalation, so you can spray it onto pacifiers and milk bottles without worrying about any harmful effects. Don’t forget to disinfect your child’s playthings, as well as other frequently-touched surfaces such as potty chairs and crib rails!


3. Avoid close contact


Getting physical is a big no-no. If you’re caring for a child with HFMD, it’s advised to avoid intimate contact with the infected individual, such as kissing, hugging or sharing utensils/personal items like toothbrushes and towels.


Remember to clean your hands with soap and water after coming into direct contact with your child, and if handwashing is not readily available, we recommend keeping yourself safe by using the BioActive Anti-HFMD Pocket Spray to lessen the chances of infection. Using our pocket spray provides an additional layer of protection against harmful germs, so you can continue your daily activities with peace of mind.


Your child is highly contagious during the first week, so be sure to stay indoors and away from public spaces like playgrounds and shopping malls to avoid infecting others. Once all the symptoms have cleared up, they will be able to return to school just as normal!


4. Disinfect your surroundings


We know it can be challenging to disinfect your home while taking care of your infected child. This is where our all-in-one disinfection machine comes into the picture to keep your living environment safe and healthy for everyone.


Use the BioCair air disinfection machine along with the BioActive Anti-HFMD Air Purifying Solution to keep HFMD nasties at bay – this machine converts the solution to a dry-mist disinfectant that effectively eliminates both airborne and surface pathogens. All it takes is just an hour of disinfection a day to keep the germ levels in your surroundings to a minimum. For better prevention, you can keep the machine running for more than an hour in the room where your child is occupying.


With proper disinfection, you can do your part to keep HFMD at bay.


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