3 Ways to Keep Your Living Spaces Germ-free


Keeping your home free from germs contributes to the health and well-being of you and your loved ones. While it might be impossible to get your home completely germ-free, there are many ways you can minimise the germs within your living spaces. BioCair Singapore has put together these steps to get you started on creating a healthy living space for your family.


Clean to remove dust and dirt from surfaces


The cleanliness of your home is an essential part to ensure that harmful bacteria don’t spread. From dining tables, sinks and toilets – there’s no stone unturned when it comes to household germs! Start with using soap or detergent-based cleaners on surfaces for a thorough cleaning. Do this before disinfection – dirt on the surface may prevent disinfectants from working properly!


Clean surfaces with cleaning agent and water-biocair singapore


Disinfect after cleaning


Ensure your family’s safety and well-being by adding an extra layer of protection against harmful bacteria and germs! Cleaning surfaces may not be enough as there could still be unseen germs lingering around. BioCair Singapore has you covered with their non-toxic disinfectant sprays that contain no toxic chemicals or alcohol – perfect for households with young children. Fast acting yet safe to use; simply spritz a few times to eliminate any pesky bugs on toys and belongings quickly. BioCair’s non-toxic disinfectant spray ensures there is no risk of exposure to harmful chemicals – you can breathe easy knowing that the invisible risks have been eliminated too!


Disinfect the air in your home


Disinfect your homes air-biocair singapore


Protecting your home from germs doesn’t just mean regular surface cleaning. The air you breathe contains invisible particles that may harm your health without any telltale signs – yikes! Get rid of dust and dirt with a room air purifier for peace of mind, but go one step further by protecting everyone’s health with an air disinfection solution to keep those pesky airborne bacteria out! 


Make sure your home is a safe and healthy space for your family with BioCair Singapore‘s air disinfection machines. Using non-toxic disinfectant, the air disinfection machine targets airborne germs so you can rest easy knowing that those precious playroom spaces or the kids’ bedrooms are germfree. One hour of disinfection per day will help keep everyone in the house feeling better all around!


Maintaining a clean and safe home is essential for families with young children – but this can be quite a challenge. To combat germ buildup, establishing a regular cleaning and disinfection routine is key! For an effective yet non-toxic disinfecting option, reach for BioCair Singapore non-toxic disinfectants instead of harsh chemical solutions. It’s easy to keep your family protected from illness without sacrificing safety or efficacy in the process!



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