Air Purifying Solution Explained: A Guide To Disinfect Air In Your Home


Disinfecting your home is essential to ensure a healthier living space for you and your family. It’s especially important to invest in an air disinfection machine for any indoor space, as it helps to protect you and your loved ones against everyday germs while improving the air quality at home. Here are some common FAQs on how you can use BioCair’s Air Disinfection Machine and Air Purifying Solution to keep the air safe, disinfected and bacteria-free all day!


What is air disinfection?

Air disinfection refers to the process of eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungus and spores found in the air. When used with the Air Purifying Solution, BioCair’s Air Disinfection Machine produces a disinfectant dry-mist that fills an entire room, killing both airborne and surface germs upon contact.


Qns: What is the BioCair Air Purifying Solution?

Made using BC-65 technology – which is based on how the human immune system fights against bacteria while protecting and healing the body – the Air Purifying Solution utilises a total of 65 ion-energising technologies, while remaining non-toxic and irritant-free formulation that’s proven to be safe for everyday use.



Qns: How does the Air Purifying Solution work?

To be used with the BioCair Dry-Mist Disinfection Machine, the Air Purifying Solution is converted into a disinfectant dry-mist that can eliminate 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, fungus, and spores in the air. The BioCair BC-65 solution is specially formulated to penetrate the cell wall of most highly resistant pathogens, effectively killing them.

Qns: How do you use the Air Purifying Solution?

Simply dilute the Air Purifying Solution with distilled water at a 1:1 ratio, and add the mixture into the machine. Avoid using tap water as it contains minerals and other substances that may affect its efficacy. Cool boiled water can also be used as an alternative. After filling up the tank, turn on the machine to disinfect the room.


Qns: Does the Air Purifying Solution work on surfaces?

Yes. Not only is the Purifying Solution effective in ridding the air of harmful airborne pathogens, but it also kills surface germs when the dry-mist eventually settles onto nearby surroundings. For more direct disinfection, you can also use the BioCair Pocket Spray to disinfect high-touch surfaces more thoroughly. It’s suitable for application on common surfaces like door knobs, electronic devices, children’s toys etc.


Qns: Can the Air Purifying Solution be used with other devices?

The Air Purifying Solution can be used with other machines, but the results might not be as effective as we have only tested and certified the efficacy with our machines. Hence, it’s best to use it with the BioCair Dry-Mist Disinfection Machine to ensure optimal results. 


Qns: Is the Air Purifying Solution safe to be used around children?

Yes. The Air Purifying Solution does not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals, and has passed all independent tests by accredited laboratories to ensure that it’s safe to be used around young children. It does not cause toxicity when accidentally inhaled, and does not irritate eyes and skin.


Qns: How often should you disinfect with the Air Purifying Solution?

Ideally, we recommend conducting air disinfection daily for at least an hour per day to keep overall germ levels at a minimum.


Qns: Where should I use the Air Purifying Solution? 

It’s best to use it in an enclosed space, especially during the night as you will be spending an extended amount of time in the room while sleeping. It’s best to use the machine in an enclosed space instead of an open area as this helps to maximise its efficiency and avoid any chances of cross-contamination with outside air. We also recommend turning it on during the night, an hour before you sleep, to ensure best efficacy


Have more questions about BioCair’s Air Purifying Solution? Check out our complete list of FAQs here!



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