Benefits of Using Disinfectant Solutions in Your Home


Have you ever wondered how to keep your home and family safe from germs? Many of us think that cleaning our homes is enough, but did you know using disinfectant solutions can help eliminate bacteria and germs that might not be killed during cleaning? Not only does eliminating surface pathogens help to prevent the spread between people or objects, but it serves as an effective practice for basic hygiene at home – safeguarding against bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can cause health problems if left unchecked!


BioCair Singapore, a leading non-toxic disinfectant brand, explains the benefits of using disinfectant solutions in your home to protect against germs and bacteria.


Disinfectants kill bacteria and germs that regular cleaning cannot


Disinfectants kill bacteria and germs which normal cleaning cannot-non-toxic disinfectants


Cleaning and disinfection may appear to be the same, but they are worlds apart! While cleaning can help you rid your home of dirt, grease and other grime, it does nothing to destroy harmful bacteria or viruses. Take germ-busting up a notch with routine disinfecting – make sure to use a disinfectant solution for extra protection.


Disinfectants reduce germs on surfaces like door handles and touchscreens which get touched by multiple people each day – talk about a serious power play when it comes to keeping yourself safe!


Prevent the spread of germs and bacteria that could make you sick


Allergies, colds and a wide range of diseases can be caused by dust, bacteria, viruses or mould in the home. Especially for those with asthma or respiratory infections, it is important to rid your home of all bacteria through a safe disinfectant. 


When you have young children in your home, there’s nothing more important than keeping them safe and healthy. That’s why it’s so crucial to use non-toxic disinfectants – like BioCair’s disinfectant sprays that contain no harsh chemicals or alcohol. Not only are they proven to be non-toxic and safe for your little ones, but they are also incredibly easy to use – simply spray the surfaces and objects around your home for thorough disinfection without any wipe down afterwards. You can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your kids are not exposed to dangerous chemicals while keeping their environment germ and bacteria-free!


Disinfect the air in your home to get rid of airborne germs


BioCair disinfectant solutions-disinfection machine singapore


It is not just surfaces that need to be taken care of, germs and bacteria are also lurking in the air. Disinfecting surfaces alone won’t protect us from airborne infectious particles that can easily travel through the air and cause illness. Too often we forget to tackle these airborne threats which puts our family’s well-being at stake.

To protect your family from these viral threats, non-toxic disinfectant products like the BioCair air disinfection machine can be used to rid the air of airborne germs and bacteria. With just an hour a day of air disinfection, you’ll be able to reduce the risk of falling sick and make sure everyone in your home is safe and healthy.


Keep your home and family safe from harmful germs with BioCair! Disinfecting regularly helps prevent illnesses, minimises healthcare costs, and keeps everyone protected. Ready to take a proactive approach towards safeguarding health? Find out more about BioCair Singapore’s range of non-toxic disinfectant products aimed at effectively keeping you and your loved ones safe.


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