How To Choose The Right Disinfectant For Your Home


Choosing the right disinfectant to protect your home and family from germs and bacteria is crucial. But with so many options, it can be overwhelming for parents to make the best choice. That’s where BioCair Singapore comes in. We’re here to help simplify the selection process by sharing the key factors to consider when choosing the right disinfectant for your home.


Factor #1: Safety of the Disinfectant




Choosing the right disinfectant for your family is crucial, and nothing is more important than the safety of your children. That’s why opting for a non-toxic and safe disinfectant is essential. Always steer clear of products with warning labels, as although they may effectively kill germs, they can also put your loved ones at risk. Protect your family without compromise.


Children and individuals with sensitive skin may experience adverse reactions when exposed to toxic disinfectants. These reactions can range from mild irritation to more severe allergic responses. Not to mention inhaling the fumes can trigger dizziness, headaches, nose and throat discomfort, and respiratory symptoms.


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It’s important to note that certain substances can be highly flammable and potentially harmful. Therefore, it is always recommended to carefully check the toxicity and flammability ratings of products before making any purchases. To ensure maximum safety, ensure  the disinfectant you choose is free from toxic and volatile substances, such as alcohol.


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Factor #2: Efficacy of the Disinfectant


Don’t be fooled – not all disinfectants can kill every germ and all kinds of germs. While some are great at combating viruses like the flu and the common cold, they might be less effective against fungi and spores, which can be just as harmful to your health.


That’s why choosing a disinfectant specifically targeting the microorganisms you’re trying to eliminate is important. Take a closer look at the product and see if it has been tested and proven effective against the viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores you’re concerned about. Knowing the level of efficacy of a disinfectant will help keep you and those around you safe from exposure to dangerous germs. So make an informed choice and protect yourself and others!


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Factor #3: Short Contact Time


Disinfectants need time to work their magic and effectively eliminate pathogens. This is known as contact time. Contact time is the time a disinfectant must be in direct, active contact with a germ to kill it; a surface disinfectant must remain wet during the entire contact time to be effective. 


To ensure a thorough disinfection process, it’s important not to wipe off a disinfectant with a long contact time, such as 5 minutes, during that specific timeframe. Some products may require longer contact time, so patience goes a long way. However, products are available that can effectively disinfect surfaces in as little as 60 seconds. These fast-acting options make cleaning easy and can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.


Factor #4: Ease of use


Effective home disinfection is important; it should be simple and easy . Forget complicated steps and look for convenient products like surface disinfectant sprays or air purifying disinfectant machines that can be used on both surface and air. 


For instance, BioCair Singapore’s easy-to-use air disinfection machine – simply press a button and enjoy a hassle-free operation while you go about your day. Take control with the timer function, allowing you to set the desired duration of the operation. You can set it to run for as long as you need and automatically switch off when the time is up. It’s the perfect solution for healthy and safe air in your home.


The BioCair surface disinfectant sprays: the ultimate solution for germ-free spaces. Our compact and convenient disinfectant sprays are designed to be used anytime, anywhere. Within just 60 seconds of contact, they effectively eliminate harmful germs. What sets us apart is that our sprays are chemical and alcohol-free and safe for the little ones, making them an ideal choice for families with babies and young children. 


Choose the right disinfectant to ensure a safe and healthier home for your loved ones. Opt for reliable, safe, and toxin-free products that will safeguard your well-being and that of your loved ones. Make a choice that your children will appreciate and thank you for.


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