Keep Your Home Germ-Free with these Effective Home Cleaning Tips


Keeping your home clean and hygienic isn’t just about making it look nice – it’s a critical part of keeping your family, friends, and even pets healthy (especially in times like these!). Germs can stick around on surfaces and in the air, and they can quickly spread from person to person. That’s why having a cleaning routine is so important – not only can it reduce allergens, but it can also help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria that can make you sick.

At BioCair Singapore, we understand how vital it is to keep our surroundings free from germs! Read on for more effective cleaning tips to maintain a safe and healthy germ-free home.


Clean from up to down-antibacterial spray singapore


Ensure a thorough cleaning process


Don’t miss a spot when it comes to keeping your place sparkly clean. The key is to be diligent, especially with those pesky hard-to-reach spots. Don’t forget to give everything a good dusting, including the hidden nooks behind your furniture, the tops of your shelves, and any tight spots you can find. A top-to-bottom clean like this means you’ll have a healthier living space with no dust or yucky grime.


Disinfect after cleaning


It is a common misconception that cleaning alone is sufficient to maintain a hygienic environment, but it’s important to understand that cleaning only removes dirt, dust, and debris, while disinfecting eliminates bacteria and germs.


When it comes to disinfecting your home, safety should be your top priority. Opt for non-toxic disinfectant solutions that do the job but won’t harm your family. Always check the label to make sure the ingredients are child-safe before getting started. Don’t forget to focus on those frequently touched surfaces like door knobs, light switches, counters and faucets. By doing so, you can significantly lower the chance of germ transmission and minimise the risk of illness in your household.


Disinfect the air in your home


Disinfect indoor air-disinfection machine


Airborne germs are a major health hazard that can be just as dangerous as germs on surfaces. They spread easily through coughing and sneezing, circulating throughout your home and causing respiratory infections and other illnesses. To protect yourself and your loved ones, it’s crucial to take steps to reduce the amount of airborne germs in your living space.


You can safeguard against airborne germs by investing in an air disinfection machine that effortlessly eliminates harmful bacteria. Discover the safe and reliable solution with BioCair Singapore‘s non-toxic air disinfection machines that effectively eliminate airborne germs and bacteria.


3 Ways to Keep Your Living Spaces Germ-Free


A clean and healthy home is vital to your family’s physical and mental health. Don’t forget to follow these tips to keep your home germ-free and safe. BioCair Singapore offers a variety of effective and safe cleaning solutions, including antibacterial sprays and disinfectant machines, to disinfect surfaces and air. Our products are toxin-free, alcohol-free, and safe to use around children, giving you peace of mind as you disinfect with ease.


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